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Just to illustrate how subjective this question is - about 10 years ago, I bought a 1939 Farmall tractor from the son of the original purchaser. The family had actively used the tractor on a small farm from new until a few years before I bought it, it had unknown thousands of hours on it. It clearly had a (minor) headgasket leak. The son (who was in his ...


The long term effect is that the leak will etch a groove in both your engine block and heads. There may be a groove already there, but it could still be within "surface flatness" standards. Causing structural damage to your block and heads is a costly mistake. The "flatness" standards for each gasket mounting surface should be outlined in the shop manual ...


It's impossible to say how long a relatively minor head gasket failure will stay that way, it depends on the placement and nature of the failure, as well as other factors. It will certainly get worse, either all at once or gradually. Being gentle on the power will certainly help. If it's gradual you can live with it, but all the while you're getting oil in ...


It may fail at any time. Some have been known to go on for years, others next day or week. If you value the vehicle then get it fixed, if not then when it fails dump it.

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