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The second line typically contains the manufacture date code and batch or serial numbering for traceability. There'd be nothing in it that is of value to you, though the manufacturer may have flow data recorded against that number. There are two accommodations that fuel systems will make for a new set of fuel injectors. Firstly the O2 sensors will indicate ...


Many cars do need the injectors to be coded to the ecu for best results. And, just to show that injectors do need coding, for some vehicles, this is from the X type Jag manual:


I used above formulas to create below gnuplot helper functions vol_eff = 0.8322 f_time(x) = x/1000 f_rpm_to_rps(x) = x/60 f_mbar_to_kpa(x) = x / 1000 * 100 f_celcius_to_kelvin(x) = x + 273.15 f_imap(rpm, press_mbar, temp_c) = f_rpm_to_rps(rpm) * (f_mbar_to_kpa(press_mbar) / f_celcius_to_kelvin(temp_c) / 2) f_maf(rpm, press_mbar, temp_c) = f_imap(rpm, ...

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