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Short answer, you can not. Your car is equipped with an immobilizer. With out a properly coded key/transponder chip you will not be able to start your car. It disables fuel and spark. Its possible you could get the immobilizer tuned out of your ecu but this is much more complicated and expensive so not worth mentioning plus you would still need a key to ...


There is a metal key hidden in your FOB. The metal tab sticking out the top is the key, press the release button and the key will slide out.


Terrible answer - find your lost key If you know its definitely destroyed or overboard at sea then you're out of luck, but if you just misplaced it then look very hard everywhere it could be. Can you can afford to wait a couple days and see if it turns up? Think back, retrace your steps, check the pockets of any item of clothing you were wearing since last ...

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