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It refers to the finger tip single-wipe operaration, where the control lever is tipped/tapped/moved against a spring. The other positions (intermittent, normal, fast) are not sprung: the lever stays where it is put. In my Skoda Octavia, the lever is tapped in the downward direction to get a single wipe. The other settings are in the upward direction.


Sadly, the only thing I think of (and had it before - different car though) is that the clutch center plate is sticking on the input shaft splines and thus being held against either one of the friction faces... Or the center plate is stuck to the flywheel face... but that can be freed... One other thing to check is that the slave cylinder is giving the ...


I'd suggest the issue lies with the button itself. Obviously if it was down, it has power and the motor works. If you pull up the switch unit and figure out which is power from the battery and which goes out to the window motor, you should be able to apply power to motor and bring it back to the upright position. If for some reason there's no power coming ...

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