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Does my 2008 Ford f150 need a chip key or does it have a PATS?

According to this site, most Fords (including your 2008 F-150) use a chipped key which operates an e-PATS system in your truck. This will most likely take a professional locksmith or taking it to the ...
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2000 Ford F150,,parasitic drain question

If we combine both of your questions and ask "What one thing would cause the radio to come on when I connect the battery AND cause a 9 amp battery drain when parked and accessories off?" ...
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Wheel (?) rattling/scrapping/vibrating until I let off gas

Your Muffler could be the problem. I had exact same kind of rattle in my chevy only let up when I’d let up off the gas or until I got really moving. Could not place that it was coming from the back ...
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