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The service schedule is defined by the engineers so that the oil does what it is meant to. If you don’t change it and do another 100k then there may be damage or a failure. But if you do change it, then it is part of preventive maintenance which reduces the liklihood of problems - never gets to zero though. So, it’s down to you - do you look after it or not. ...


The part you have circled in the first image is the Vapor Canister Purge Valve / Solenoid: I found it here on (NOTE: I have no affiliation with RockAuto, just showing the information). This is an emissions part, but is separate from the EGR. It should be plumbed from the fuel tank (or charcoal canister) to the intake manifold.


I would use a pry-bar to get that out, sometimes using a spacer can help change the working angle fortuitously. I have used a small puller to get them out - a block with a bolt and a "hook" into the plug can also work.

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