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Correct placement of an aftermarket transmission cooler

Transmission fluid cannot be "too cold". There is one enemy of transmission fluid and that is heat. Having cooler temps in tranny fluid is a good thing. Your transmission isn't like your ...
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My car will not start after being driven fine

But if it's my starter shouldn't I hear a noise Not if the starter solenoid is stuck. This is the piece of metal that connects the circuit and allows the starter motor to receive power. It's usually ...
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What is causing this slight vibration?

Since the tire change seems to be the onset of the problem, my first suspicion would be that one or more of the wheels aren't properly balanced. It's possible your mechanic's balancing machine isn't ...
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02' GMC Envoy. Engine KNOCK, not rod knock

Another thing it could be is a failing exhaust gasket between the header and the head. These types of leaks will exhibit the knocking sound, but often quiet when things warm up and expand. Sometimes ...
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02' GMC Envoy. Engine KNOCK, not rod knock

any way to record and upload the sound it is making? Usually a knock does not happen when the engine is cold and at low / idle RPM. Have you kept up with changing your oil and did it run low last ...
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