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A 40% slope is well beyond what you will find on nearly any actual street in the world. But assuming you did find such a place to park and if your oil pan was designed such that such a slope would put the oil in contact with the gasket, would that be harmful? Well, considering that under normal operating conditions there is nearly always oil in contact with ...


Waste of time. Air can already leak through the thermostat. Thermostats are baffles, not seals. The difference is a seal prevents all flow, a baffle only prevents significant flow. Baffles are used when the same fluid is on both sides and when a small amount of leakage is tolerable.


The Bosch Kugelfischer (I'll use "BK" for short going forward) mechanical plunger injection pumps for petrol engines were used across a variety of makes/models of vehicles from the late 60's into the mid-80's. They were derived from the diesel pumps as you suggested. A couple of vehicles which use the BK pump was the BMW 2002Tii and 2002 Turbo. ...

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