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You state you "lapped the valves" when replacing them? If you have replaced the valves, you need to do more than just lap the valves. You actually have to do a valve job. This entails machining both the valve seat and the valve itself so they will mate properly. Once this is done, then you lap the valves in to provide the seal you're looking for. ...


If the engine is truly locked then there are a number of problems that might cause that. Some that come to my mind are: Lubrication problem caused one or more rod or crank bearings to seize. Lubrication or overheating caused a piston to seize in the sleeve. Valve breaks and jams the piston. Excess fuel or oil into the cylinder causes hydrolock. Broken ...


The cigarette lighter is a simplistic design, it feeds from a 12v B+, and is fused. Just like the outlets in your house, when you don't use an object plugged into the wall, there is still a draw. The same is true for your vehicle. Some cars have the ability to detect draws from exterior/interior lights, usb and cigarette lighter ports. It's best practice to ...


I would unplug it overnight or switch it off (seems like you can). If you just away for a few hours it should be fine because these devices usually don't need to much power. There are exceptions like chargers though.


I found solution for this problem, it was trivial. Earlier user of this car drove not very dynamic and on low range of engine rpm. I thought that fuel injection map was incorrect, so I reseted ECU throught disconecting car battery for few minutes. After that everything works fine.


I doubt you'll ever see this considering how old this post is, but for anyone that happened to run across this post I'll add my two cents. First off never let any of these quick lube places do anything more than an oil change. They work off of commission and often aim to get the customer to get added services that aren't even needed in the first place. ...

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