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A better solution is to fix these two problems and correct a few other common faults. Use a voltmeter or a test light to confirm if the switch is receiving and outputing 12 volt power. Then go to the bulb and see if it is receiving power. Even with power, the bulb would not work if the ground side is poor, or the bulb is open circuit. Also, look for ...


The best or accepted way was to run the manifold face on emery cloth which was on a flat plate or surface plate. This would gradually reduce the high points. If the amount needed was significant then a machine shop could machine it.


Solution: in my case, I changed the Flywheel and the clutch kit.


You'll want to drain the coolant out, of course. Then fill the cooling system with straight water and add dish soap, or better, an industrial degreaser like Purple Power. Run it for about 30 minutes, drain it out, and do another identical flush (water and whatever chemical you used the first time around). After that you'll want to do a third flush, but with ...

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