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Retrieving handbrake status light and reverse light from OBD II

Start off with a copy of the service manual for your car. The electrical schematics will help you understand where the various annunciators come from. Earlier cars typically have less data available ...
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Can a vehicle be harmed with bad inputs via an OBD-2 port?

Just this morning I connected an ELM327 to a '05 Volvo XC90. After only 1km, the message was displayed for "Anti-skid service required", and then "Anti-skid temporarily unavailable". I removed the ELM,...
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can elm327 (bluetooth,wifi) adapters read and clear airbag(srs) codes?

Most "cheap" or "universal" type code readers are only going to be able to do things that are exposed as OBDII parameters. The car manufacturers are free to do whatever else they want using whatever ...
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Decoding VW Airbag DTC from elm327

First let's define your query to the ECU: 19 - ReadDTCInfo 02 - Report DTC by Status Mask 08 - Status Mask Ignore all this, it's only the module taking a moment to reply 77F 03 7F 19 78 ...
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How to detect Passenger Seatbelt Indicator using OBD2

OBD II only guarantees communication and specific PID availability with the engine computer. For effect I repeat, ONLY the engine computer. The passenger seat belt indicator would be either part of ...
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Does Fiat need dedicated FiCom OBD hardware and software for diagnostics?

You might want to try Multi ECU Scan. It's a free/non-free software suite that works with most, if not all, FIAT's. Most of the diagnostic tools can be accessed for free. Other tools require a licence....
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Can a vehicle be harmed with bad inputs via an OBD-2 port?

I just had a problem using one of this OBD2 Bluethoot module on my Chevrolet Trax 2015, where my Traction Control System stop working (Engine and TCS dash lights came on), also the transmission wasn't ...
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Can a vehicle be harmed with bad inputs via an OBD-2 port?

I recently purchased a 'ebay' obd2 dongle. Plugged it into my 06 Mercury mountaineer, to check a CEL code. I was using the Torque app. Drove with it for a few miles and the Wrench symbol came up ...
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ELM 327 How i can know a calculated CO CO2 HC & NOx with ELM OBDII? Is it possible?

No, it is not possible to get true values from OBD-II ELM327. You have to have a dedicated exhaust gas analyzer to figure that out, like this one: But you can estimate it using a lambda sensor ...
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Retrieving handbrake status light and reverse light from OBD II

You will not be able to read everything using OBD. Sometimes you can be lucky and the proprietary protocol your car uses can provide you with the right info, however this wouldn't be reliable as it ...
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Check beforehand if will pass emissions test?

Use a free app like AndrOBD or Torque Lite; here's a screenshot from the latter, the top widget of which is that of a car that passes emissions testing:
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Can an ELM327 adapter be used to flash a VIN?

My understanding is ... yes, you can. Don't go away so fast though ... there are caveats: The ELM327 device is only a passthrough. It is just a connection from your device to the PCM. There is no way ...
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Can you see what version of ELM327 an OBD2 diagnostic scan tool/fault code reader supports?

As the article says, the copies can often misreport what code version they have, so that's of no use in determining what they can or can't do. All that can be extracted from the microcontroller is the ...
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Accident Detection, Tow Alert, Level of Car, VIN, Fuel Level Input, Ignition Control using ELM-327 OBD-II

I believe OBD II is an international standard but that not all functions are uniformly supported by all models so some things may not be available. I have no idea about the generic interface but I ...
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Where is the Ford Fiesta 2011 speed sensor located?

The speed sensor should be located on the outside of the transmission housing on the passenger side. Looks like this. EDIT: Also found a diagram to repair the DPS6 transmission. This is where the ...
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Not receiving multi line response ELM 327

you need to send 30 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 to get the remaining response frames
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Find all modules supported in my car

You can't do this through generic OBD-II. Take a look at acceptable OBD-II queries by mode. There is nothing there to provide information about how the vehicle is constructed. That's not to say that ...
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