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I would bet there's an issue with the sensor grounding out when it's installed into the tank due to it staying pegged 100% of the time on the dash.


Is there any way to check for physical obstruction? I'm wondering if if the float is getting caught on a baffle that's stopping it from moving through it's full range?


Dielectric grease keeps out water etc, but it is also an electrical insulator. The problem with plastering it all over the outside of a connector is that when you unplug the connector, some of it gets on to pins and into the sockets, and then causes bad connections. The best plan is to remove as much of it as possible before you unplug the connection. ...


Some tank / sender combinations rely on the clamping ring to also provide the ground connection. We had one model of car that had so many issues with this (paint, corrosion) that we would solder an earth point to the sender and run a direct earth to the body. Sorted those fine...


I agree with the above. The most likely cause, is the tank not being grounded if the sender only has one cable. The tank may be installed with soft pads between mountings and chassis, so should have a grounding lead somewhere. If the tank relies on the mounting bolts making the connection, they may not, with or without pads. The ground lead is often a second ...

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