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Brake noise only when releasing brakes

It could be your brake booster. The brake booster is the device that puts the "power" in power brakes. It operates from engine vacuum. A momentary sigh from the brake booster is harmless. To ...
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What's this bubbling sound I hear while engine is on?

Agree with john. likely air in coolant system. Do a coolant burp first. One more possibility is combustion gasses getting into coolant. Use a block tester to find out. (Hopefully its not that!) P0456 ...
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Wires from exhaust

Looks like an O2 sensor wiring. No clue how it would have gotten tangled up into the drive shaft, or how it would have disabled the car like you describe.
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How to diagnose AC blowing warm air

A couple of things ... is there anything obstructing the air flow through the condenser? Like a plastic bag or something. Rapid clicking of the A/C clutch is usually an indication there is a low ...
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