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Mercedes-Benz battery charge warning light

How do you know it is the alternator? You could buy a new one, fit it and still have the same problem. You need to test the alternator and electrical system to isolate the fault - it could be internal ...
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Mercedes E320 where is the starter relay

Relay Is designated L in the image below, there is a fuse for the relay and it is #59 . Source
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Mercedes 2002 E320 cranks but won't start, has new battery

I had similar symptoms on an old ML320. It turned out the be the camshaft position sensor. Probably coincidental that it happened when you changed the battery, but an electrical trauma like arcing ...
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Vibration when Stopped in Gear with Foot on Brake

Pre-1999 E320 rings a few bells with me on transmission issues. First thing to do - CHECK OIL!! make sure it's got enough of the stuff. This can help, if it's suspiciously low, this could indicate ...
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Vibration when Stopped in Gear with Foot on Brake

Had the same issue in a VW Golf(1995 model). The car would shake violently when stopped a redlight. Tore the whole car apart and found out that my engine AND transmission mounts where very loose, got ...
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2002 Mercedes E320 - Exhaust getting into the cabin of the vehicle and causing headaches

Years ago when I used to inspect vehicles for a living. There was one thing that would cause such nasty fumes after 30 minutes or so. It was over spray from the anti-rust coating that sometimes would ...
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