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2014 Dodge Dart Starting Issue

There is a bad connection at the battery. By connecting the jump cable, you are disturbing the connection and making it connect better. Remove both connectors from the battery and clean all the ...
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New fuel pump, but car didn't start until tank was about half full

Not vapor lock, but air lock. Different principle but the same effect. Air lock will only happen on a new install or if the tank is drained. The working parts of the pump are surrounded by air with ...
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How bad is idling for your engine?

It's worth considering, but negotiate the price down as much as possible. In my experience, an engine that idles continuously has about twice as much wear as an engine that is driven normally. It's ...
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A/C issues that only occur at high speeds in Dodge van

This may be as simple as an undercharged system. When converting r12 to r134a, POE oil is added to allow r12 oil become compatible with r134a. This was the quick, down and dirty way to retrofit r12 ...
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