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Here's an image to a cooling system for your reference. Each vehicle has it's own unique setup. The differences in some cases are slight and in some very big. You can see the placement of your heater core. Here's another image of a general layout for an AC system. A Haynes service manual is about $20. They are worth their weight in gold if that's ...


D-GN Low Speed GMLAN Serial Data 2–3. Not Used BK Ground BK/WH Ground TN/BK High Speed GMLAN Serial Data (+) (1) 7–13. Not Used TN High Speed GMLAN Serial Data (-) (1) Not Used RD/WH Battery Positive Voltage


The points in green are those that are for use with extra equipment that you may want to fit dvd, cd changer, cameras front & rear etc etc They provide these as if you drill holes in the metal body you affect the paint treatment and therefore the warranty protection - if the vehicle is out of the warranty then that is not so much of an issue...


Exploded views are composed of individual drawings of the parts, assemblies constructed from cad/cam may be able to do this via software.


In the manual under engine rebuild or maintenance for your car, it should have diagrams like this


So I was able to find a diagram of the 14 Fusion/MKZ and it's for the base system all the up through the SONY in the Titanium and the THX system available in the Lincoln. Here is the link for anyone who may want it in the future (and hopefully it doesn't die on anyone before they can use it! 2014 Fusion Audio Wiring Diagram

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