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I would think you could use isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to remove the Armor All and clean the areas of the dash where the adhesive strips need to be done. If that doesn't work, acetone may work, but I'd test it on a very inconspicuous place of the dash to make sure the acetone doesn't dissolve the dash as well. One or the other is going to clean the dash. I ...


Sounds like a loose fuse or fuses or loose connectors somewhere or even broken wires. Only method is to start checking all the relevant fuses and connectors systematically to find out which is the culprit. Often, all you need to do is wiggle the wires into the fuse box and if the stereo goes off then you have a clue. this applies to connectors as well. Lots ...


Not sure about 2017 Clio, but older ones had a little thumbwheel to adjust the brightness. It should be on dash left from your steering wheel.

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