It looks to me as though the main screw and washer comes off from the shaft, then you can just pull it off. It is probably splined. If you apply a little PB Blaster on it and let it sit for a half hour, then put two long flat tip screw drivers, one on top, one bottom pointing in opposite directions. With this setup, just gently pry back and forth and the ...


From your brief description, I'd suggest the spring which deactivates the "clutch" is probably broken. There really isn't much of a clutch on riding lawn mowers. What happens is, the drive belt is allowed to slip on the main pulley coming off of the engine when the pedal is pressed. When the pedal is released, a tensioner pulley takes up the slack in the ...


There should be a spring on the pulley arm which provides the belt tension. When you pull the handle or push the clutch pedal to release the clutch, you are putting pressure on this spring, then the spring brings it all back together so the belt no longer slips. It sounds as thought this spring may have come off.

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