Those cracks are due to prolonged heat and UV exposure. They are a sign that the tires are old and will soon need replacing. Cracks of this size are not a safety concern in and of themselves but they symbolize loss of grip, which can be dangerous in slippery conditions when braking.


Unfortunately there's no way to repair this. The only way to "fix" it is to replace it. Bullseye chips (original impact) can usually be fixed. They do it with some liquid fill and sucking out all of the air. The liquid gets injected into the bullseye and then UV light is used to harden it. The break is still there, but the filler is completely clear. This ...


There is nothing to worry about here; this is normal wear and tear associated with tire usage. As such, it is unlikely to be covered by any warranty.


Tires have a protective coating which dissolves with time, ozone, and UV light. Fun fact, tire cracks are roughly orthogonal to the strain axis, so examining the cracks can give you an idea of how forces in the tire work and also which are most problematic. Cracks in the tread itself are not hugely distressing in terms of tire failure but will result in ...


Those long cracks at the bottom of the tread mean you need to replace the tire... it is older than you think and/or has been run with an incorrect pressure. It is not suitable for gluing.


Cracking is... not good. Usually it's a sign of a tire that's either been stored incorrectly or more likely pure age. Get it changed - tires aren't something to take chances on. It's probably worth checking the age of the other tires while you are at it. You can work out the age of a tire by looking at the DOT code - this should be a 10-12 digit code (...


That is a crack in the upper tank on your cooling system Radiator, the radiator needs to be replaced soon or engine damage will result. They do this when they get old, the tank is made of plastic and eventually will develop cracks.


You have a few options here. Clean and condition the dashboard/dashpad, and reduce the exposure to sun it receives, to reduce additional cracks. This is the easiest solution, obviously it leaves the crack visible. Clean with a mild hand-soap and warm water, protect with a UV Protectant like 303 Aerospace protectant. Make use of a "Sun-Shield" or "Windshield ...


As Paulster said, the only real fix is a new windshield. I used to fill in every single crack and chip as soon as they appeared. Then, one day, a mother crack showed up out of nowhere and connected them all. Nothing hit the windshield, I was idling in front of my house warming the car up when it happened. I was sitting in the car, heard a "swoop" sound and ...


How's your driving? Have you been accelerating rapidly during takeoff lately? It could be a normal sign of wear of the rear tire which transmits the power to the ground. I'd say it's OK, but if the bike is new and you're not sure, go back to the dealer and ask them. ALWAYS wear a helmet.

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