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It may or may not be the problem, but you really should remove battery cables and thoroughly clean them and battery posts and top of battery. Then you should properly charge the battery, then have it tested. Then if it's good, reinstall it (or a new battery if it tested bad) and then with the car running, check your voltage at the battery. You should have ...


You should clean the rotors with brake cleaner. If it was just normal skin oils you wouldn't have a problem, but your hands were contaminated with all manner of lubricants which are designed to stay put and not break down in the presence of heat and moisture. These could definitely degrade your braking performance, so clean the rotor thoroughly.


I've never considered fingerprints to be a massive problem in a "I drive a family wagon to the shops" context but if this is on your Porsche just before tomorrow's track day you might feel differently. That many rotors come with a film of oil to prevent corrosion is slightly more significant, and that should be thoroughly cleaned off. Safety purists will ...

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