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What are those two broken parts?

You have a broken axle and a broken lower balljoint. Your balljoint is part of the lower control arm assembly, which needs to be replaced. You could also potentially need a steering knuckle if it was ...
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What are those two broken parts?

Looks like what happened was your ball joint broke (the black knob looking thing at the bottom-middle of the picture), and as the control arm fell, the strut (the wishbone looking thing just to the ...
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2008 Jeep Liberty rear lower control arm bolt

I found the original part number as 6508678AA, which has been replaced by part 6507620AA, or #7 in this picture.
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Is it normal for a bolt+nut that goes through a control arm bushing to still be able to spin after being torqued down?

Having installed suspension on many an EJ Civic, I can tell you that it's normal for that bolt to spin independent of the control arm. The reason it spins freely now is because in removing it, you ...
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