If that happened to me, I would double check the battery for voltage when pressing the FOB buttons, and I would also check the battery contacts for possible corrosion. It sounds like the plastic FOB is attenuating the signal below noise, which tell me that the radiated signal is very very low. Alternatively, there could be a hairline crack in the circuit ...


It is very easy to connect an OBDII scanner that talks Bluetooth to your phone. I typically do this. However if you leave it attached, it does drain the battery... There are companies that provide "security" systems for high end cars, and these allow remote access for a range of things, however after a friend of mine demonstrated this attack, I wouldn't ...


The flap lock mechanism is at least in my Polo a simple pneumatic pump. Remove the side of the trunk liner behind the fuel flap. It should be an pneumatic pump there with an air hose to the lock (the lock is a pin which is driven thru a wedge on the flap's inside.)

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