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What role does CDI unit play in limiting the revs?

CDI means Capacitor Discharging Ignition, which already describes the principle of work quite well. There is a single capacitor charged to about 300-500V. This voltage comes from the 12V system via ...
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What is difference between stock CDI and racing CDI in a 4 stroke motorcycle?

A CDI ignition system uses capacitors to charge up the energy for the spark plug discharge. Generally speaking, capacitors do this more quickly than electrical coils, allowing the ignition system to ...
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Converting Motorcycle From Traditional Distributor to CDI Ignition System

I did a search for "cdi conversion kit motorcycle" and found these two videos on YouTube: Easy Sportbike Ignition Points Conversion for $25...Fast and Cheap!!! How to make motorcycle electronic ...
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What role does CDI unit play in limiting the revs?

Limiting revs by design protects your engine A rev limiter in an ECU limits the RPM's so the end user will not damage their engine by over revving it and having a valve to piston contact event which ...
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Racing CDI installation on Kymco Sento 50cc scooter

An AC version of the CDI will blow the main fuse if installed in a Kymco DC scooter. Sometimes it's difficult to tell one from the other, they look similar. Make sure you're installing a DC CDI, not ...
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motorcycle sputters and temporarily dies

Yes, your battery repair could definitely have something to do with it. At low revs there could be vibration and movement. I'd get that sorted first as it is the obvious weak point. If that doesn't ...
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What role does CDI unit play in limiting the revs?

Yes, stock CDI limit the power. not every engine of the same model would provide the same horse power. The CDI's now have micro controllers which see how fast you are accelerating , and your top ...
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