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what is this cable called on a 2003 chevy cavalier

At first glance, this cable connects to the cruise control actuator (number 1 below), which is partially hidden by the bracket (number 2 below) attaching it to the structure of the vehicle. Simple ...
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Best way to add amp and sub to car

The head unit will supply enough power to the stock speakers. You will not need to amplify the signal. Doing so will likely blow the speakers. If you replace your stock speakers with higher wattage ...
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1999 Chevy Cavalier transmission-to-engine support brace

I was wrong about the placement of the bracket. In some cars they have a bracket that goes from the bell housing to around the oil pan. I believe in your second picture it's the bracket on the left ...
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Why is oil filling up in my air intake system?

Number 1 looks like your intake manifold and number 2 is your intake hose leading to the throttle body. If 2-3 ounces of oil come out of #1 when #2 is removed, that's ok. It's most likely oil that's ...
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Car ran low on oil, and now won’t start

If you added a quart and it was above the add oil line than you were not critically low on oil, so it's very doubtful your engine seized. If you don't even get a click you most likely have a problem ...
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2004 chevy cavalier- rolled backwards when in park, and not wont turn on

Definitely a shift linkage problem. The two pictures show where you need to check. The first is easier to see. The second requires removing the shift knob retention clip, the shift knob, and ...
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Is it safe to flush it?

I would suggest doing it in bits. Remove both the header tank and the radiator from the car, and flush them out separately, then flush out the engine while they're out. You may well need to replace ...
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Car has an intermittent bounce/stutter feeling in front left wheel area regardless of speed?

Sounds like one or both of your front shocks have worn out. Replace them in pairs! Both fronts, both rears, you get the idea.
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Why is oil filling up in my air intake system?

These specific engine have orifices running through the intake and if you have a bad (could be original intake) intake you could be putting oil in every two fill ups until you replace the intake.
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Why is oil filling up in my air intake system?

Oil in your duct, could be a sign that piston rings are weak. Crank could shoot oil up, but if it's a lot you may be sucking oil back up intake valve when it's open because your piston rings are ...
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Severe Noise Under Acceleration from a Stop or Slow Speed

So I spoke to the lady with this car a while back and she said she took it to someone who changed the plugs for her ( as I suspected the oil leaking into the plug wells from the worn out valve cover ...
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