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How much washing is too much

I'll chime in with a totally different angle: Once or twice a year is fine unless it's getting covered in something nasty like tree sap or excessive bird poop. More important is washing stuff off the ...
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How much washing is too much

Washing your car once a month is acceptable. It is not too much. What is more important is the technique and materials used (nonabrasive soap and sponge, drying towel, and wax). There are plenty of ...
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Car Wash in Winter - Good Idea? / Bad Idea?

I wash my vehicles whenever the temperature gets high enough to be able to do so during winter. A film of dried salt on sound paintwork or the e-coating on the frame won't do much damage, but ...
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Does "laser car wash " use actual lasers?

LaserWash is a brand name for a touchless car wash system, which uses high pressure water and strong detergents instead of the traditional soap and rolling sponge gizmos. No lasers are used.
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Can I use automatic car washes at freezing sub-zero (Celsius) temperatures?

I go through car washes more often in the winter than I do in the summer, since I want to wash the road salt off as frequently as possible. I've never had an issue. I don't think I've gone through at -...
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Using microfiber to dry my car from water

Theoretically, the thicker side has more surface area to absorb fluids faster like a sponge so using that side should work like a sponge. Because it's synthetic, it may not absorb water until its ...
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Washing strategies around snowy season?

I cant say for snow in particular (I've only ever cared for vehicles in Southern Cali, so no snow like you), but I'd think it's much the same as most cleaning/detailing practices. The major difference ...
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Car Wash in Winter - Good Idea? / Bad Idea?

Wash it, got to be better than leaving salty wet dirt in contact with metal. Also make sure metal surfaces are clean, primed and painted - both sides...
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Water-repellent windshield coating and automatic car wash: Do they mix?

I use these water repellent products frequently. Typically I hand wash my vehicles, however I have used automatic car washes too. In my experience, it doesn't really matter what the car is washed with ...
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Car wash after applying car sealant?

You can still use a car wash, however it's always better to lightly hand wash a car, and keep the automated car wash use to a minimum. As after years of car wash use you will likely start to notice ...
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