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Brake cleaner vs carb cleaner vs throttle-body cleaner

I have used many CRC products: Brake & Carb cleaner; both chlorinated & non chlorinated and throttle body cleaner. The CRC "green can" brake cleaner works really well for all intents and ...
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Safe product(s) to use to clean spark plug well

You can use carb cleaner, brake cleaner, acetone, or possibly IPA (isopropyl alcohol). All of the should work peachy for cleaning your oil residue without causing issues for your engine.
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What causes gel'd gas in float bowl?

manufactures of carburetor gas engines such as honda, brigs and straton ,preditor do not recomend using alchol gas in any of their products as it will void the warranty also kawasaki and other carbed ...
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Advice for cleaning an electrically actuated EGR valve

Letting the valve soak over night seems to be a common way. Just make sure you only flood the pipes and not the actuator. There are specific EGR cleaning agents (sprays) sold at a lot of places; ...
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Brake cleaner vs carb cleaner vs throttle-body cleaner

I am a former organic chemistry student. This is a thought to ponder upon. We used a three step process to clean glassware in the lab. First, use sulfuric acid (battery acid), rinse with acetone, ...
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