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Check fuel filter - if partially plugged it will produce this effect of not starting for about 20 minutes after it has been parked and allowed to sit for awhile. Eventually it will start again. My mechanic found it after about a week of other opinions - replacing the fuel filter might be the solution. It was for me.


What you've described is something I learned last century as a "neutral drop." Consider that an automatic transmission is a fluid coupling. Two "fans" are pointing at each other inside a housing. The fan on the engine side pushes the fluid into the fan on the transmission side, causing it to turn. When slowing or stopping, the engine continues to turn the ...


The "Blade Thingy" is pretty much just that a flat blade that connects the ignition switch and wheel lock with the ignition lock cylinder. When you turn your key in the lock-cylinder it turns this actuator that then turns the ignition switch. You probably can not turn it with your pliers because your just not doing it right. Try grabbing it, pushing in and ...


My mechanic checked the computer again this morning when I went into get part numbers for the Toyota dealership. In short, their report showed nothing wrong with the sensors even though it showed a 137 code. They cleared the code and drove it, tested it again, and it showed no code. I'm suspicious of the no-code thing. Yesterday after the computer was ...

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