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It means "at least". You will not cause any damage by using the higher octane fuel. The reason for the RON 95 rating in the first place, this is the lowest octane rating you can run before you might start hearing pinging or pre-ignition.


I think in the C240 it is a permanent 4Matic system. As you can buy the C class without 4Matic as well. The clever systems of 4Matic wont effect fuel consumption so much so that its a deal breaker in my opinion. You could have this in the earlier (1995-1999) to turn them off but again this would have left a warning light on your dash. Which would indicate ...


I'd be looking at the battery. If the terminals are not nice and snug and preferably coated with an anti-corrosion solution, they can appear to be connected but not actually be connected enough to fire the starter. Also, today's modern batteries are Calcuim based, which makes them lose capacity abruptly if they've ever gone flat. Typically though, the cold ...

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