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can I switch that electronic ignition starting with an old-school key? No. At least, not anywhere near 'easily'. That ignition switch, from what I can see, has about 13 low-current wires. At least a few of them are data lines (CAN bus!). It also directly controls the steering wheel lock (ESA lines). And another snippet: That's very different from an old-...


Yes it can be done. There are various options depending on the fault. I have got around every fault the ignition module can give someway or another. If the key turns and but the steering lock doesn't unlock you can buy a emulator for this and wire it to ignition live or have it on a switch. If the key turns, the ignition turns on and the starter turns over ...


Here is a picture, if this is what you are asking. I'm not exactly sure what you are asking... where do you store the spare tire? Where I assume you found it:

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