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The terms commonly used are arrival and departure angle - mostly with 4*4... But to deal with your situation then change the arrival angle by adding blocks to lift the car early. Of course, you could fit adjustable controllable suspension either electric with an air pump (had that on a Volvo) or even hydraulic...


As Solar Mike said, it's called the arrival angle. However, an alternate solution to your problem might be to approach the ramp at an angle instead of straight on. This lets one wheel start raising up before the lowest section of your bumper touches the ramp. See this video for a demonstration with a speed bump:


Not really a solution for a daily arrival at a steep driveway, but one that works for 'ugly' speedbumps - though it takes a few tries to get it right. It's worth the effort if you have a low-clearance vehicle. It also prevents 'headbutting the roof' syndrome. It does, however, work best on longer cars (& not at all on big (Sprinter, Transit) vans, as ...


What you're looking at is not actually the bumper but rather the bumper cover. It's a plastic shell that covers the bumper itself and is relatively fragile. The one you are showing may have been removed and then improperly re-installed or it may have been damaged somehow but it's not the bumper. If you were to remove it you would see the actual bumper ...

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