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You broke the knuckle. It's hard to say what else is damaged, but the knuckle, wheel bearing(s), hub (may be a single assembly) and lower ball joint need to be replaced. It may need the lower control arm, possibly the upper ball joint as well. You'd need an alignment after all is said and done. It also looks like you could use some sway bar links.


See Ben's answer for parts you likely damaged. In order to conduct this repair, the tools you will need are: large size (bigger than 15 mm, 1/2 inch drive) deep sockets 1/2 inch drive breaker bar (24 inch long) 1/2 inch drive torque wrench (one that goes to 100 ft-lbs) large size wrenches (bigger than 15 mm) floor jack (either trolley or bottle type, make ...


I'm assuming all the mechanical parts are good, like the return springs and things (a bad return spring could let a shoe drag & heat up) since the mechanics already looked it over. I wouldn't underestimate the local mechanics, especially if a few at different shops all agree, maybe they know those Tata cars very well and it really is completely normal. ...


I made a fool of myself. I took my car to a mechanic and he said I had placed one of the brake pad front-side-back.


Check if the parking brake actuator is not in the "open" position - a micro switch will do that.


This could be a couple things... Your new rotors could be warped. Although this isn't common, there is a chance. Your caliper could be loose- its possible the mechanic didn't torque your calipers to spec, which is creating the weird noise you are getting. Honestly, I would just bring the car back to where it was serviced and get it looked at. They should ...


I am guessing some sensor in the bike is telling the engine to stop and showing the yellow light. Have you ever tilted the bike a good angle to the left or right? the lean angle sensor may be giving a problem. Try asking the mechanics to disable that sensor and ride the bike and see if the engine stalls or light comes up. Also check the temperature ...

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