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I put Adblu in radiator coolant tank in Peugeot Boxer 435 Onnicar

ADBLU is a mix of uric acid and water, and you don't want acid in your cooling system as it can cause corrosion. It's not a disaster, you just need to drain your coolant out of the system and refill ...
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Coolant tank drains too fast of Boxer 435

I'm going to assume that you mean your coolant is disappearing and you keep having to fill it up. In cases where there is coolant loss, you need to determine WHERE it's going. The usual places are: ...
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shuddder in 2.5 subaru engine

Go back to the dealer and tell them to fix it or give you a different one that works. This could be many things but if it's that new and already having problems then I would get it swapped for a ...
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What is the difference between a 180° V4 and a true boxer motor?

The difference in a 180° crank and a "normal" engine crankshaft (cross-plane) is the position of the rod journals. On a cross-plane crank, the crank pins are 90° from each other but in a 180°, or ...
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What is the difference between a 180° V4 and a true boxer motor?

I would like to add that only TWO companies in the world manufacture boxer engines: Subaru and a German brand. The reason is that they are complex to manufacture. Also, Subaru uses a chain to time ...
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