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Mustang 2015 v4

It gets pretty hot here in the USA too. The highest recorded temperature in Saudi Arabia was 52.0C in Jeddah. The highest temperature ever recorded in the world was here in the USA in Death Valley, ...
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OEM Boost control solenoid part number?

Assuming you're running a totally vanilla WRX it will have a 2 port boost solenoid. For a 2004-06 car that is DENSO part # 16102AA360: For those with an 02-03 car it's DENSO part # 16102AA160: ...
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02 WRX loss of power/boost

I would guess you have a boost leak. Have the car smoke tested to check for leaks in the intake system (bring it to a shop that knows Subarus, there's a lot of nuance to look for). If it's been ...
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Audi TT Turbo and Dump Valve Issue

I've just done a full inspection and have found there was a slight leak in one of the breather hoses. I'll replace this and hopefully the issue will be gone.
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