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If you do try a sticker goo remover fluid you might need to paint it onto the edge (it might not permeate the sticker surface) and wait, then pull a bit, paint a bit more, pull, paint... long process See if a local shop near you has a hot power washer (and I mean an industrial grade thing powered by a Diesel engine that removes the concrete when you use it ...


Try a heat gun (NOT a hair drier - they're not hot enough). If you damage the paintwork - unlikely - then your plan B was to take it to a body shop instead anyway.


In both the cases in your question, when I have done this I have used either 1200 grit wet and dry to key surrounding areas or used a scotch-brite pad - If a fine cut is taken, ...


Here, check this out, I'm going to be rattle canning my truck, I've done this before. I came across a great DIY video by ChrisFix on YouTube. Here is link to the video: , check out 12 minutes into the video, Chris talks about hiding "hard lines" even if just wanting to paint a small section ...

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