As several others have indicated, you need to address the rust prior to getting it painted, otherwise the rust will be back and will probably be worse. There are several videos on YouTube that show how to attack and stop the rust before you get it painted. It will take some elbow grease, some simple tools and some consumables such as primer, filler, rust ...


If you have the mad welding skills, this can be repaired. If not, you're looking at a HUGE repair bill. One of the issues here is that the A-pillar is very much structurally important for the vehicle. This area really needs to be done correctly so it will retain it's structural integrity. The glass would need to come out (obviously). You also need to think ...


Those are plastic push rivets and they can be difficult to get out and will often break. There is a special tool for these such as: You should be able to pick one up at any auto parts store. Also most will have similar rivets, you may need to get a couple of replacements if any break.

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