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Is my timing belt looking bad?

There is just about no way to know the viability of a timing belt by looking at it. Your belt could last another 100k miles or it might pop tomorrow. This is why it is important to follow the change ...
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Are belt conditioners safe?

According to manufacturer Dayco (Why Belt Dressing Is Not a Solution To Quiet a Noisy Belt), it should not be used. In the past, simply covering a noisy serpentine belt in belt dressing would ...
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Are belt conditioners safe?

As a fix for a squealing belt... no, I don't like it. Find the root cause and fix it. As a tool for increasing belt longevity... they last a long time on their own, I don't think I'd extend the normal ...
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Honda Civic 2006: Belt Tensioner Bolt Loose, but Seized to the Tensioner

While not ideal, I'd suggest you try re-threading the bolt into the hole about 1/2 way, then gently tapping the tensioner with a hammer to break the two apart. I wouldn't hit it too hard, but you ...
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Prevention against turning of the camshaft during the tensioner replacing in 1 cylinder 2 valves 4 stroke engine

While I don't have an answer regarding blocking or stopping the cam, You can work around it without too much trouble. With the chain still in place, You can mark on the crank and cam gear teeth and ...
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When an automatic belt tensioner is rattling, which component is rattling?

Pulleys do not usually make a rattling noise, when a bearing goes bad it usually makes a constant grinding or whirring noise, the tensioner itself can make more of a rattling or clicking noise. I know ...
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Timing belt issue

Maybe not the answer that I was looking for, but took the rocker cover off today, to find lots of broken rocker arms, before replacing have been advised to check the pistons are straight, this might ...
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2013 Subaru Outback Belt squealing returns 1 month after replacement

What you want to look for is a pulley that is dragging. Take the belt loose and look at your idler, does it spin freely if so it is not that. It could be the water pump or the alternator. Look for ...
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Squeaking when driving

You could start by changing the serpentine belt. Your Windstar has a self adjusting tensioner, so it could be this also, but there's no way to adjust it independently of changing it. You can check to ...
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Prevention against turning of the camshaft during the tensioner replacing in 1 cylinder 2 valves 4 stroke engine

What I have found with some OHC interference engines is that there are special dealer tools to hold the cam. They usually bolt to the head and have pins that slide into holes on the cam gear. I ...
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Are belt conditioners safe?

Belt conditioning products are effectively Armor All spray for your belts. There may be some validity to claims that a belt conditioning product can extend the life of a belt by preventing the ...
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What are possible causes for belt tensioner "chatter" at idle?

I drive a genesis coupe for some time now I have been experiencing the same sort of issue- though through forums I have somewhat come across it being normal. I have had my spark plugs replace have ...
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