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No, you will not be shorting the battery. The relay COIL, for a 12V relay, is designed so that when it's energized (i.e. connected between 12V and ground) will only pass enough current to close the relay contacts. Technically, the relay coil is generally a wire winding around a core material, usually laminated iron pieces. The coil presents both an ...


Depends on the design of your jumper cables, but I would have tried or or rotate 90 degrees and go under that lip at the back Of course your black negative lead would be to a lifting lug directly on the stranded engine, and not the battery. Another option is a lug somewhere on the chassis or similar.


It sounds like you've installed the jumper cables directly, however, you need to let the donor vehicle charge your battery for a while before trying to actually start the vehicle. Most jumper cables do not have the ability to pass the amount of current needed to actually start the vehicle, but they do have the ability to assist in charging the battery so it ...


You've got a 'parasite' that's draining the battery and this needs to be checked out by a vehicle electrical specialist. If you are using a very high rated AH battery, (100AH rather then 60AH) for which your vehicle was not rated for, this will cause the alternator to 'overcharge' the battery as the high rated battery will take all and more power from the ...

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