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It's better to charge it with a normal several amp charger in this case than to fast charge it with the car's alternator. It may also take a bit of time for the car's alternator to get it started charging at the beginning of the cycle and to top it off at the end which will waste gas. There may be a cell imbalance in the battery which will take much longer ...


Fast charging a fully discharged lead acid battery can shorten its life. But your typical 6 Amp automotive battery charger is not a fast charger. Jumping the car and letting the alternator charge it is also fast charging.


A true trickle charger can be left connected to the battery indefinitely and should not cause any damage to the battery from over charging. It will take longer for the battery to charge. A fast charger will have a higher output voltage which will therefore pass a higher current through the battery. Care must be taken not to leave the charger connected for ...


The slower the charging rate, the more efficient the battery charges. Faster charging is only used when time is essential.

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