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The bulb modules could actually be bad, despite both filaments coming on in high beam mode. Pull the connector at each bulb, there will be three wires: tan, green and black. The black is ground, tan is low and green is high. Make sure there is power on the tan wire when the headlights are on and the high/low switch is set to low. If the tan wire is hot, ...


My suggestion is to check the fuse's fuse #14 for low beams. If it "pops" out then you will have no low beams. Same for high beams. The two have two different fuses.


I've heard many such noises caused by worn bushings, and missing caliper shims or if you have Drum Brakes in the rear; a loose spring - A loose spring could be loose and during slow rotation you will hear it knock as the spring slaps from one side to the other(front to rear) and the other bracket tries to operate but will not, and the bracket that is working ...

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