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Not sure if you resolved the issue, but most likely it is cv joint. You can get under car hold both inner and outer axle and shake them. If you hear any clicking/clacking sounds and feel movement your joint is bad. Other way to test is to turn the wheel all the way to left/right( do it for both directions to check both cv joints (left and right) ) and drive ...


Update on this, I'm pretty confident it was the throw out bearing (clutch bearing) The noise steadied out after about 10,000 kms. I'm maybe 30,000kms into the the new clutch and haven't had any issues other than the low range making an insane amount of rattling noise


Tech here from Richmond VA. It definitely will depend on the vehicle. I understand that it is a small difference in rotational speed, but over time IT MATTERS. It 100% will create additional heat and stress that can and probably will burn up one or all of the following if the computer can not process the information properly: Rear diff, PTU or Transfer case ...

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