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Possibly. It depends on what is wrong with it and how the AWD is setup in the vehicle. About the only way this could work is if a rear drive line had gone out (like u-joints) and it was removed. The rear differential would free spin and the front wheels would provide the drive power. Overall, as compared to the rest of the system, the driveline is a ...


This depends on the system. One with a centre differential can drive the front, or rear, only but must have the centre differential locked otherwise it will just spin... Vehicles that did not have a centre dif only need to be locked into 4wd and driven. Done both of the above as have broken rear halfshafts and got home doing exactly as described.


This sounds like it's a differential problem. Rear wheels slipping in turns means they are forced to rotate at the same velocity, so slippage is the only means to alleviate the torque applied to the axles by uneven velocities. Have you checked the differential oil level? The temperature effect can possibly be accounted for by the oil viscosity OR a sensor ...

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