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Here are the instructions from this page: ENGINE OIL CHANGE AND OIL FILTER Check the level of the engine oil every 1,875 miles(3,000 km), see (CHECKING THE ENGINE OIL LEVEL AND TOPPING UP). NOTE Use oil with 5/W 40 specifications, see (LUBRICANT CHART). When topping up engine oil, we recommend that you never exceed the "MAX" level. ...


Background The 2009 Aprilia Tuono has a writeable ECU but you need the appropriate equipment from Aprilia in order to perform the task. AFAIK there are no aftermarket tools to replace the ECU programming equipment provided only to Aprilia dealerships. As well, Aprilia recommends that you DO NOT put a piggyback ECU on it. It is one of the few manufacturers ...


Fuel Galley's in the Carburetors are Clogged The Aprilia Pegaso uses a constant velocity carburetor with many small fuel and air galley's within it for various circuits. The Pegaso carburetor, as it is a CV carburetor, has diaphragms for the slide operation and automatic AFR adjustment at various altitudes/air pressures. With the carbs assembled, lift the ...


A generic answer : drain oil into a container, measure the volume. Put that amount of fresh oil back into engine - remembering to refit drain plug first :) then check level and top up if necessary . Run engine, check drain plug not leaking, then stop engine and wait 5 minutes then check level again and top up if necessary.

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