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Can I remove head off 2002 Altima 2.5 and just hone cylinders to help improve compression

What you're suggesting will not improve your compression and will cause other issues. You'll be causing yourself more issues than what you have currently. When an engines are put together with new ...
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Bad voltage regulator?

There'd be no way to tell for sure if something was frying them, but would suggest to you this would be highly unlikely. It is completely within reason for the rebuilt alternator to have gone bad ... ...
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1998 Nissan Altima Slowly Discharging Battery with New Alternator

Welcome, Mike. I hope you kept your receipt as you likely have at least one defective diode in your new alternator. If you replace it and experience the same problem, you will want to check the ...
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Clicking when braking

If it's only doing this in Park (which is what I think you're describing) then the most likely explanation is the shift lock solenoid actuating - this is what prevents you changing the shifter out of ...
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accidently driving in 3rd gear

Highly unlikely that you've damaged anything. Just check your oil and coolant; if they're OK, you're OK.
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Nissan keeps losing Bluetooth connectivity to my phone

I'm having the same problem on my Nissan Qashqai (Nissan Connect 1). However, I've come to the conclusion that this is a problem on the phone side, not on the side of Nissan Connect, or maybe the ...
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Power steering fluid

You may have an air leak in your power steering system, or the fluid just may be old. Look in your service history to see if you have any details of when it was last changed. It's possible you've been ...
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99 nissan altima not starting, makes a buzzing noise but engine doesn't turn over

It could be that the starter is not engaging as you mention, but that wouldn't affect a bump-start (or push-start). If the bump-start won't work then one of 3 things has to be true: No fuel for ...
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Testing after complete brake job, no pressure while applying brakes

You will want to use a vacuum pump to remove any remaining air in your system Using a hand vacuum pump, you can get a low end one, will remove the frustration of bleeding brakes with two people. One ...
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TPMS sensor on tires for 2010 Nissan Altima

The TPMS sensor in each wheel does not come with new tires, it a separate part. There are TPMS reseal kits that are available separately, see picture below. The TPMS sensor is to be resealed each time ...
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Can I fix a dashboard with inverted lights?

It sounds like the dimmer switch is set to off. The car's dash lights are on a dimmer switch. That switch allows you to change the brightness of the lights at night. The switch is capable of ...
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Brakes sticking on one side

In addition to the slider mechanism sticking as described in jwh20's answer (This would be noticeable as more wear an one of the brake pads than the other). I would also check the condition of the ...
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loud banging or knocking under car

This sounds like the wheel arch liner splash guard also known as mud guard. The plastic rivet seems to be knocked out, making the guard loose and hit on the wheel when driving due to air, but when ...
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loud banging or knocking under car

Look for a loose plastic panel somewhere under the vehicle. If the fasteners that hold the front edge of the panel have been ripped out, the panel can randomly catch air and start banging around until ...
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Just what is vapor lock, does it have anything to do with the fuel pump?

No, not to do with the fuel pump - at least not for the cooling system. Vapor lock can be for any pipe wehere the flow is stopped due to a pocket of air. Poor bleeding or burping of the cooling system ...
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2005 Nissan Altima 4cyl 2.5l Overheating

An engine shouldn't be replaced for preventative maintenance, unless you are willing to spend thousands to avoid a repair that may be as simple as an air bubble in your cooling system. Get a diagnosis ...
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Should I replace my Nissan now that it has a CVT leak?

For a vehicle as described, you would be wise to visit a second repair facility. Two thousand dollars to repair a 12v convenience outlet is steep, although I recognize that was only the initiating ...
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I just changed my transmission in my 2008 Altima and im having codes pop up

Except for the P0125, everything listed has to do with electrical problems with the transmission. It would seem to me, there are several things which could be at fault here: You have not properly ...
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2015 Nissan Altima

ok, so a clamp came loose & that's what is was. it was cracked and that's what caused the rattle. Thank you for your help Cullub. 😊
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How to replace the keyless unlock button?

I believe you can just change the switch. In what I've found, it's called Outside Door Handle Passive Entry Switch. The outside door handles either have the hole or not, but don't come with the switch....
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Will a 195/60r15 tire fit on a nissan altima?

Yes, most likely it will fit. 195/60r15 is smaller (narrower and less tall) than 215/60r15, but has the same rim size, so not even brake clearance should be an issue. However, the diameter of your ...
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08 altima burning through gas like crazy

First, make sure you do not loose fuel anywhere. May sound stupid, but a leakage in the fuel system can be kind of hard to detect, since gasoline quickly evaporates. Look under the car while it is ...
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Whining noises when accelerating

Just from your brief description, I'd have to say the blower motor for the HVAC system is going out. They tend to last a long time, but when they start to go out, the bushings which support them (...
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Confirm battery condition after conflicting test results

I would assume that the roadside assistance test is bad and that the battery is okay. They sell voltmeters that plug into the cigarette lighter plug. I would buy one if I were you (I already have a ...
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To DOHC or not to DOHC

All Nissan Altima from that generation have a DOHC engine, so there is no difference.
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Very slow acceleration with RPMs hitting 4-5

If it's a manual transmission, it sounds like the clutch slipping, either from something within the clutch breaking, or something preventing the pressure plate from returning, such as an obstruction ...
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Nissan Altima catalytic converter ruined twice in one month

Cats don't really like exposure to fuel. If your car has bad coils resulting in unburnt fuel, this can ruin a cat, hence how they are related.
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Oil Treatment made Nissan Altima harder to use steering wheel

After further evaluation, what ended up causing the original issue posted here were three different things: The power steering fluid was on a low level. I filled that to MAX and checked for any leaks,...
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Oil Treatment made Nissan Altima harder to use steering wheel

Unless you damaged something else during the oil change, or some oil ended up where it shouldn't... this is probably a poorly timed, completely unrelated problem. The only interface between the ...
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2003 Nissan Altima's heat is only lukewarm

short answer: The air is too cold. long answer: too much cold air is getting through the engine radiator cooling it too much, blasting your engine effectively causing it to be air cooled. Does your ...
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