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Why does my air compressor fail to start when the tank is partially full?

The problem is you are over taxing the power strip. You need to power your compressor directly from the wall socket, or on an extension cord which can handle 15A or more (12 gauge or better below 50' ...
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Burning air pressure switch

The power of your compressor is given by P = V x I = 12 x 30 = 360 W. This sounds about right. It sounds as though your compressor is badly made and that the pressure switch is not adequate for the ...
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Should Run Auto Air Conditioner in Winter?

Yes, it is still a good idea. Luckily, whenever you run the HVAC system on the "Defrost" setting, the A/C compressor is activated. As a result, you have probably been periodically running the ...
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Using a car's air conditioner to cool a fridge in the car

The principles that a car AC and a refrigerator are built on are the same, i.e. a heat exchanger, so I'm sure with enough engineering it can be done. However, it's going to be challenging and probably ...
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AC Blowing Heat

No, you didn't break the laws of physics. In fact, you confirmed them. If you "refilled" the refrigerant in the system from cans without pulling a very strong vacuum, you still have regular air in the ...
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AC Blowing Heat

If the "gauge gets back to zero" at any time, on either the low or high side, you have a leak. Perhaps a very large one. The gauge should never read zero, unless ALL the refrgerant has leaked out. ...
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Can I use an air compressor to change car tires?

To change a wheel you will need an air wrench, not an air drill - the first two I found with a quick search both specify 90psi, so a 100psi compressor should be more than enough - though it's the flow ...
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What is compressor oil rating PAG ND-8 equivalent to?

If it says Denso ND8, you need Denso ND8 (ND oil 8). I would tell you that what you need is nothing but PAG oil of ISO 46 VG viscosity grade, known as PAG 46 (be careful: PAG 46, not PAG46 YF, which ...
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AC Compressor Working?

You can confirm that the air-conditioning system is working by using a pressure gauge to verify that both low-side and high-side pressures are in the expected range of operation (while the A/C is ...
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2014 Ford Focus a/c

You need further research: Measure the resistance of the solenoid: Around 5 Ohm is good, 0 or infinite ohm means the coil is damaged (or the fuse is burned). If the resistance appears to be fine you ...
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How much SCFM is needed on a compressor to reseat a tire to the rim?

I agree with @HandyHowie from comments in that a decent sized air tank is more important than high CFM or SCFM when it comes to compressors. The more important thing is PSI. You have to have enough ...
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What happens if you disconnect the AC lines from the compressor?

If you pop the hose or any of the connections, you lose most all (if not all) of the refrigerant. It is under significant pressure. Enough you cannot get things sealed back up before it's gone. In ...
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Air compressor/air impact wrench advice

4cfm is the usual rating for most air tools - including intermittent work with an impact wrench. Also consider buying an Electric Impact Wrench (not a battery powered one - they're usually too low in ...
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Should Run Auto Air Conditioner in Winter?

Nowadays the compressor cycles on and off even when the A/C is not in use. This occurs all year long to maintain system pressure and maintain the integrity of the seals. In the old days and I am old ...
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