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Engine temperature not as stable after radiator change

I agree that it is something to not get too frightened about. The answer to this lies within the recent cooling system changes and the answer to the following questions. Is the replacement radiator ...
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Would it make sense to put a cold air intake in the 'stock' air filter box?

tl dr: You have to make the call if an aftermarket CAI is right for your car. We can't make the decision for you. With that said, an informed consumer is a wise consumer. There are three purposes ...
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my car shakes when idling but when accelerating it stops

Typical problems causing excessive vibrations when idling: worn out engine suspension. The engine is mounted on rubber pads, which wear out and need to be replaced eventually. damaged dual-mass ...
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Failed coil electronics plug for one cylinder

From the information you provided it could be a couple things including the ECM as mentioned. But Im assuming youre using an after market scanner? and you may not be receiving all the fault codes. If ...
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Would it make sense to put a cold air intake in the 'stock' air filter box?

It all depends on what you want, the choice is for increased or the same engine protection - stay with stock basically. Or you want a less restricted air flow so an aftermarket filter but reducing ...
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