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I previously asked this question as my passenger side wheel fell off with a broken stud. What can cause a wheel to fall off/hub to break? After repairing it the mechanic checked the other wheels … but I don't remember seeing any rust or maybe he is saying they could the accident could have impacted all the studs? 3) Shouldn't the mechanic have checked all studs and further damages before fixing the first hub or, given the situation, is it normal to unravel things as you go? Thanks …
asked Aug 17 '18 by James Wilson
By wheel bearing I think one is referring to the little circle thing that goes through the center of the wheel hub. So if it is worn it is referring to that small circular item. When one says that … the wheels bearing assembly is worn or the wheel hub assembly is worn do they mean things like the studs on the hub are worn rather than the wheel bearing i.e. the small circular part? please clarify the terms and what things are being worn. …
asked Aug 2 '18 by James Wilson
I have damaged wheel studs on a hub and want to replace them. Initially I thought I could just hammer the studs out press new ones in however from the pics you can see that the studs are too close … hub. It seems to me my options are to: a) dissamble the hub and put the studs in. However I cannot see any nuts or bolts to undo which will remove the back parts. This being the case, what would I …
asked Aug 21 '18 by James Wilson