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A car is a wheeled, self-propelled vehicle. Normally, a car has 4 wheels and is designed for the transport of passengers. Depending upon locale, cars may also be called 'autos.'

With regards to renting cars out, I'm wondering, besides direct damage like crashing it or hitting a kerb, what type of driving habits renters might have that might damage the car. I know people … might go over humps fast and probably damage suspension or maybe do diagnals on humps and damage wheel alignment but not sure what other things they might do and how this wheel damage the car. Another …
asked Oct 24 '17 by James Wilson
Hi got out of my car while the engine was still running and noticed smoke kept leaving the exhaust. I wondered of this was normal as I dont see this site with most cars. I also noticed a vacuum … sounding smell coming from the car while this was happening. Note this may have been the fan/heating which I may have left on but cant remember so it may have been something else. Is there anything that maybe wrong with the car especially considering the ongoing smoke the exhaust was emitting. …
asked Apr 18 '17 by James Wilson
I hadn't driven for a few years and just started driving again. At first all was well, however then I started noticing that the car kept pulling and was acting funny at times. At times I noticed … significant burning smells. Later in the day, a friend got into my car and pointed out that I had been driving with the handbrake on and I suddenly realised what was causing these problems. I had been …
asked Mar 29 '17 by James Wilson