I am pretty green in this field. Recently, I have bought a Honda Civic 2007 and planned to investigate its condition out of my curiosity. I bought a OBD-II tool and scanned my car. To my surprise, I found that tool is showing fuel consumption 22ltr/100km which is way more than I expected.
and also few parameters which I cannot interpret easily, I am attaching screen capture of those and hoping if experts can help me to understand the same.

Mostly I am worrying about the average(fuel consumption) and also scan tool says that before 26k odometer some error codes has been removed. I am unsure if I have a good buy.

[![enter image description here][1]][1]

[![enter image description here][2]][2]

[![enter image description here][3]][3]

[![enter image description here][4]][4]

[![enter image description here][5]][5]

[![enter image description here][6]][6]

  [1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/n81fp.jpg
  [2]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/fy7Wl.jpg
  [3]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/byrHM.jpg
  [4]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/6v2Ow.jpg
  [5]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/ZWaYj.jpg
  [6]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/rXcd6.jpg