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2 answers

What the hell is this part that fell off my car?

I rotated my tires today and heard something fall from the front-end of the car somewhere while I was jacking up the car. I didn't think anything of it until I was sweeping up after and found this ...
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Why is my Volvo XC60 Battery discharging to 6V when parked for 2 days (dead flat)

I have a 2014 Volvo XC60. A mechanic recently replaced the (main) battery with a (non-Volvo) Century battery (AGM-type 12v lead acid, 70Ah). I parked the car in the garage for 2 days and the battery ...
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2010 Vovlo XC 60

I have a 2010 volvo that will start after a battery change. The key fob also gets stuck as well. I have read all kinds of blogs to include touching the battery cables together for 30 seconds and I get ...
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Volvo remote key id

The 2011 xc60 has 3 programmed keys. One is lost, I know the id number of one that was programmed to replace the lost one. But now the car has 3 keys. Is there a way to find the other one that exists ...
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How to replace electric tailgate lift on Volvo XC 60 2012?

My volvo xc60 has been having issues with the trunk and the lift gate. We got the lift gate to come off with a flat head screwdriver but the "electrical" part is still connected. I'm wondering what ...
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