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BMW Jumping start only with positive terminal connection

I made a big mistake today attempting to jump start a car but connected negative clamp (-) to wrong part of the car. Basically there was no negative connection between the two cars. I did not notice ...
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BMW jumping to park at stop

My BMW X1 (2013, 2.0L Turbo) occasionally jumps to Park when I'm stopped at a light. It happens whether the auto engine start/stop function is on or off. I then have to put the car in drive again to ...
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2017 BMW Alignment problems

2017 BMW X1 - front tire blew out and when inspected the mechanic advised a special shim was needed to set the right front camber setting . BMW dealership did not know what I was talking about when I ...
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BMW X1 X Drive 2017

Bought the car new on March 1st 2017 from local Strastone Dealer, Derby. Having done 14,000 miles there is excessive wear on the front tyres outer edges. They are Perelli P Zero 225/50 R18 99W ( Not ...
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Tire sidewall damage from a pothole on the highway

I recently got a new car (bmw x1 2018) and couple nights ago, i hit a massive pothole on the high way. You should know that this is a leased vehicle and BMW wanted 2000+$ for rim and tire insurance ...
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BMW X 1 2014 steering wheel vibration over 60mph

It is extremely cold where I live coldest it’s ever been we had 16 inches of snow temperatures are 10° and less with the windshield. All of a sudden my car at high-speed‘s greater than 60 mph is ...
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