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A four wheel drive vehicle produced by Jeep

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98 Jeep Wrangler Engine coolant leak in front of engine

I just got my jeep back from the mechanics i had to replace my power steering pump and today i noticed a green liquid leaking from under my jeep i checked the fluid its 100% engine coolant i checked ...
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What is the best course of action when Jeep Wrangler transmission has been driven with low fluid levels

A small pinhole occurred in the transmission cooler lines near the radiator in a 2012 Jeep Wrangler. It has automatic transmission. Over time the owner kept adding transmission fluid when needed and ...
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Heater Blower Disassembly

So i was attempting to fix my heater blower but, this is a very odd and panful thing to take apart Anyone know how? i need to get to the rotor to clean it out and get to the stator
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Possible DIY fixes for Heater Motor? | heater-blower repair

[This didn't get posted apparently cuz i forgot to hit publish, so this was yesterday] So i'm streaming live as of now and am diagnosing a problem with the Heater Blower, it's not working. While I was ...
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Blowing a fuse when turning on trailer lights

Just purchased a 5 x 8 utility trailer. Lights on the back of the trailor were not wired in, wires were hanging loose both sides. Wired lights according to instructions, pass. Side green brown, ...
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No lights on my Jeep Wrangler Sport, bulbs and fuses spear good

No tail, marker or parking lights on driver side of 2013 Jeep Wrangler spirt, fuses all seem good and bulbs not burnt out, HELP!