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What does this ground cable connect to?

so i was filming for youtube and came across this random ground wire that wasn't bolted to anything, it's on a '99 jeep wrangler TJ, any of y'all know where this goes?
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Can not access the brake switch cold wire for my electric brake controller install. is there an alternative access to cold side wire of brake switch?

I have a 1997 Chevy 1500 Suburban, that I am hooking an electric trailer brake controller in. I have tried everything to get to the brake switch, so I can tie in my red wire to the cold wire side of ...
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Can an insulated copper wire oxidize down its ENTIRE length?

I was doing some electrical wiring on a snowmobile trailer today and was surprised to see black instead of shiny copper when I cut and stripped a section from the middle of a long section of ...
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Help!!! $500+Tax for two chewed wires [closed]

A Car noob here. I have a Toyota Rav4 model 2014 and I always go to Toyota's service center for my regular maintenance. I know they need to make money so I expect to be ripped off every time I visit ...
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Brake-by-wire and alternator failure with dead battery

My friend was recently on a road trip in a 2009 Acura TL (3.5L), when the check battery light came on. About ten minutes later, light came on again and car fully 'shut down', going 60MPH on the road. ...
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What is this wire connected to the back of my radio?

I'm hoping to replace the radio in my '05 Saturn Ion, so I pulled it out to see what connections it has. According to this website, this radio is compatible. I know I'll have to deal with the wiring ...
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Which Wires to Wrap Anti-Rodent Tape With?

I am planning to wrap some of the wires in my Honda CRV/Accord's engine bay with anti-rodent electrical tape. Which wires should I wrap and which ones should I NOT wrap? Are there other parts that ...
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310 watt light bar 12 awg wire harness

I am currently looking at a 32 inch 310 watt LED light bar for my 2010 Honda CRV. The light bar I am looking at is The ...
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Broken wire connector

The plastic part of the plug that my ac clutch connects to is broken. I cant get it unplugged. Im trying to change ac compressor in 04 kia sorento. I need easiest way possible to fix this
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Screw to adjust choke, accelerator, etc wire: how is it called?

What's the name of this kind of "screw"? which comes with a pass through hole where a wire is inserted and secured by tighten a nut, or the screw itself. This is used in devices like carburetor choke ...
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Ford Focus Mk2 acc wire dead

I have a 2005 mk2 Ford Focus and the acc wire that comes into the back of the stereo connector has stopped working. Also the electric windows only work with the engine running, not when just the ...
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Why aren't wire spoke wheels widely used in today's cars?

I recently watched an episode of Wheeler Dealers where they installed custom handmade 17-inch wire spoke wheels to a Lincoln Continental. The 4 custom-made wheels cost only 770 GBP for the set of 4. ...
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Safe way to install infotainment box

I am installing a video interface box into my Mercedes, this enables me to add support for a reversing camera feed. I have positioned the video interface box behind the infotainment screen like so: ...
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Mercedes - What type of connector is this?

I need to buy a new connector for the light in the boot of my Mercedes C180 W204. However I have been unable to find out what the name of this connector is and where I can purchase it. Does anyone ...
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What is this wire mesh around this car?

Spotted at about 9500 feet in the Sangre de Christo mountains near Westcliffe, Colorado in early September on a very warm day. The vehicle was spotted two nights later in the same place.
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motor barely turns over and melts ground wire,

Motor barely turns over and ground wire starts smoking and melts wire coating. already moved ground to different areas and this does not help.
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Does the ABS Comm connector just pull off or does it have a special way to fasten?

2004 Ford Taurus SES DOHC 24V Trying to pull the wires connector from the ABS control module: From what I can see on the replacement, it should just come off: However, I am pulling but nothing ...
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what is the difference in terms of effective use comparing stainless or normal steel wire brush/rotary tool?

When using a wirebrush (on a dremel head for example), which is more abbrasive and what are the advantages of stainless and normal steel?
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